Apulia is crossed by ancient routes that wind their way through the streets of the historical city centres and skirt along the most beautiful landscapes and the most exciting panoramas.
It is a unique experience, combining the sacred and the secular with the pleasure of the excursion starting from the sacred mountain of Gargano, through the karst area of Murgia and ending up in the “finibus terrae” of Salento.
Stone churches, abbeys, monasteries and convents, an excursion along the rich paths of the tradition, history and culture of Apulia.
The sacred moves in communion with nature and the manifestations of the divine, which in every age have left a trail to explore and share in a hunt to discover the treasure hidden within.
The hospitality that you meet along the way embraces every traveller and responds to their needs with kindness and respect, revealing the charm of an ancient and yet always new land, which makes tradition the crucible of its authenticity.
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