Rural and gastronomic Apulia is a land to be tasted in every sense, a land whose agricultural heritage is made of two essential elements: “agri” and “culture”, which experiment with each other until they merge into something unique that makes this beautiful region a destination that should be visited and discovered.
Routes and places where you can rediscover smells and tastes of the local tradition, learning and playing an active role in the preparation of products.
Small farms and agri-food, craft workshops where you can learn about the quality of the product, its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, enjoy ad-hoc tastings, and learn about the processes that lead to such high quality products.
This is the Apulian tradition that produces oil, wine, dairy products, ceramics, etc.
It is the search for something authentic, for flavors, people, the environment, traditions and products.
An experience to live in contact with nature and traditions.
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