Christmas in Apulia is one of the most exciting times of the year.
With an advent calendar rich in traditions cleverly combined with gastronomic specialties, the passion for nativity scenes and the enveloping folklore warms the atmosphere.
In the memory of each place, the aromas and flavours of almonds and figs, ripened in the summer sun return. They are the stars of the lavish tables.
As you walk along the streets of old city centres, living nativity scenes come to life, depicting the birth of Christ, with the shepherds, the Magi come from the East, the music of the wandering pipers, and a legacy of the ancient transhumance. Experience the thrill of taking part in a memorable event in the Christmas spirit.
The skilled craftsmen manufacture the most beautiful nativity scenes out of papier-mâché, wood, terracotta and plaster, allowing you to take home a bit of the emotion.
A unique moment to be experienced in an ancient land.
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